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Rotorowa waga dozująca Pfister® TRW-K

Rotorowa waga dozująca Pfister® TRW-K
Rotorowa waga dozująca Pfister® TRW-K dla węgla kamiennego
The patented rotor weighfeeder technology of FLSmidth Pfister® has proven its reliability over 25 years by more than 2,500 successful installations in various application fields worldwide. The robust and wear resistant design makes the system extremely reliable. Powered by the state-of-the-art prospective control strategy ProsCon® the flow rate is controlled to greatest stability. This makes it possible to achieve highest short and long term accuracy - even within a large feed range. FLSmidth Pfister® rotor weighfeeders are fully closed, dust-tight and, if necessary, explosion proof. All Pfister® rotor weighfeeders require extraordingay low maintenance during their entire lifetime. This altogether guarantees outstanding availability and efficiency.

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-K + prospective control ProsCon®: the innovative solution for stable metering of coarse coal   

Application fields: Crushed coal grinding / firing process
Fuel: Crushed raw coal
Dosing capacity: Up to 200 t/h
Certificates: ATEXII1/2 and II1/3, ISO 9001


- Flexible joint
- Vibrating hopper
- Flexible joint
- Shut-off gate
- Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-K
- Flexible joint
- Down spout 
Features:  - Gravimetric feeding
- Stable coal dosing
- Outstanding reliability
- High dosing accuracy and constancy which guarantees an effi cient grinding and firing process
-  Compact, robust, closed dosing system
- All metal construction (no rubber, no belts, no idlers, no pulleys)
- Pressure-proof design
- Easy to install
- Large dosing feed range
- Low speed moving rotor
- Reliable and safe operation
- Self-cleaning, no material spillage
- Extremly economical in respect to power consumption
- Easy removal of any foreign material through service openings
- Negligible wear
- All measuring elements accessible from the outside, therefore easy to maintain
Dosing control:  - Feeder dosing controller Pfister® FDC
- Prospective control ProsCon®
- User oriented interfaces
- Remote service access available
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